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Title: Hurting You, Hurting Me
Pairing: Ohmiya
Summary: Ohno hating Nino? (is this even a summary?)
Disclaimer: Sadly not mine.
Rating: PG- 13? (kissing)
A/N: Beta by lovely neenashareefa Thanks a lot darling! :) You're awesome^^ Slightly based on Nino's appearance on Oshareism where the girl (mori Izumi i think) said that the reason Ohno refused to going out with Nino is because he hate him.

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Drabbles? One- shot maybe.

Title: Strangely in love.
Pairing: Ohmiya
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: Nino wanted to begin a new life and forget his past.
A/N: I'm bored and this was born. it's ridiculous, but be kind with me please. yoroshiku~
Warning: Failed! fic...n unbeta- ed.

Nino stepped inside his apartment...Collapse )